What You Should Know


We know that it's tough on parents, students and young people today to juggle the time commitments of active and busy lives. We realize that you must maintain schedules for work, school, sports, band and other daily activities. As a service to our patients, we offer a variable schedule of office hours during the week.

Office Hours

You should know, however, that it will be necessary for you to occasionally attend appointments that will cause you to miss school or work. We maintain variable hours to help our patients as much as possible, but we are not able to schedule every patient's appointment in the early morning or late afternoon.

We have structured our schedule to attempt to make the best use of time to provide the best care for you and your children. Generally, we schedule longer appointments in the mid-morning to early afternoon.

To serve you better, we attempt to incorporate early hours and after school hours into the week to offer you more flexibility with scheduling. We also vary the times that our staff takes for lunch in order to serve you better.

Please look at your schedule and your child's schedule and choose the best times during the day to attend your appointment. Through time, you may want to vary your appointment schedule so that students do not miss the same class, and you do not miss the same daily commitments. You will generally know ahead of time if the appointment will be lengthy or not. We will work with you to help you determine the best schedule of appointments to meet your individual needs.


HouseCalls is a state-of-the-art appointment reminder system we use to remind you of your appointments by calling a day in advance. It links into our patient database and notifies you of your appointment with a quick, automated phone call. If you do not wish to be called by HouseCalls, let us know and we can remove your name. Otherwise, please update us any time your phone number or other personal data changes.